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Invited Talks
Prof. Munekatsu Shimada
(North Japan Research Institute for Sustainable Energy, Hirosaki University)
A Vehicle Driven by Electricity, Designed for Chill and Snowy Areas

Prof. Nava SETTER (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology EPFL)
Piezoelectric nano-wires: formation, properties, and early-stage demonstrators

Prof. Daniel GUYOMAR (University of Lyon, INSA)
Electroactive materials for harvesting energy on temperature fluctuations and vibrations

Prof. Ichiro TAKEUCHI (University of Maryland)
All-thin-film magnetoelectric sensors and other multiferroic devices

Prof. Satoshi WADA (University of Yamanashi)
Piezoelectric Enhancement of New Ceramics with Artificial MPB Engineering

Prof. Zhongyang CHENG (Auburn University)
Magnetostrictive Actuators and Resonances and their Applications

Prof. Haosu LUO (Shanghai Institute of Ceramics)
Investigation of piezoelectric energy harvesters based on relaxor-based single crystals

Dr. Harold C. ROBINSON (Naval Underwater Warfare Center)
A review on single crystal underwater transducers

Dr. Ming-Jen PAN (Office of Naval Research)
Recent research activities on piezoelectrics at ONR

Dr. Ahmed Amin (Naval Underwater Warfare Center)
A review on piezoelectric single crystal materials

Dr. Jungho Ryu (Korea Institute of Materials Science)
Aerosol Deposited Piezoelectric Thick films and potential applications

Dr. Andreas Schönecker (Fraunhofer Institute of Ceramic Technology and Systems)
Smart structure with integrated piezoelectric transducers